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Hips: 5/3

Elbows: 0/0

BVA-Eye Cert: 'Unaffected' (13/03/20)

PRA DNA: 'Clear'

CNM DNA: 'Clear'

SD2 DNA: 'Clear'

EIC DNA: 'Clear'

DNA Profilled (ISAG 2006)

EBV's (Jan 2019): Hips -16 (confidence: 80%) // Elbows: -15 (confidence: 73%)


Sire: Contender Cassanova (Druimmuir Drake of Contender x Tirkeeran Carron).

Dam: Spiralline Tarango of Contender (FTCH Astraglen Hail x FTCH Brockweir Fleurie)

A dog that will happily switch from working to lazy, indoor dog! His superb temperament is just what is needed whether it's for hard work or 'downtime'.


Contender Como (Podrick)  is a strong, well build dog that makes an easy job of the Yorkshire stonewalls, rivers and lakes. He has proven to be a true all-round retriever, picking-up on the grouse moor, partridge & pheasant days and will easily do the switch to peg dog or do walked-up days.

Through his mother - Spiralline Tarango of Contender - Pod has got one of the strongest and well proven bitch lines in the UK and through his father - Contender Cassanova now exported to Denmark - he's got the very best Scottish lines.


He's a true joy to work with and have around!


Contender Como (Podrick) will produce dark yellow/fox red  puppies providing the bitch also carry the gene for this colour.


Contender Como has now got offspring in: Russia, Holland, Italy & Denmark


Contender Como is proven and is available at stud for hip scored and BVA-eye tested bitches.


Stud fee for 2020: £450




The stud fee is payable on the day of the first successful mating. You will get a stud dog folder which includes all relevant paperwork like copies of health certificates and 5 genereration pedigree.



There are two types:

1) one that can be carried out at your vets as an 'in-house' test. Would require several tests and will not give a precise reading. The cheaper of the two.

2) also known as 'IDEXX' or Pre-mate test. Blood is drawn by your vet, prepared and send to the lab to be tested and you're informed about the result the following day. You might be required to do several tests. This test will give a PRECISE reading of the progesterone level and therefor an exact day of optimal mating. More costly.


*** Please ask your Vet for full information and prices ****

Why Test? :

More and more stud dog owners are now asking bitch owners to get their bitch tested before bringing her as it makes the management of the stud dog easier and not everyone can keep a bitch for several days. All in all also less stressful for the bitch as she's only taken to the dog when she's absolutely ready.


Unfortunately, bitches don't read all the textbooks so many will not do or behave as it says in the books or on the internet: they're all different! Some bitches will 'stand' and show all the signs even when they're not 'ready' (nowhere near ovulation) and some will hardly show any signs. With a maiden bitch, it's even more difficult as it's her first litter so there is no real way of knowing if she's a 'text book' bitch.


Progesterone testing does cost money but it could save you a lot of wasted journeys, time and disapointment if your bitch 'misses'.